Thursday, September 08, 2011

Foods for Healthy Hair

Hair is one of the important body parts in human body. They need ample amout of nutrition for that healthy bounce and shine. Although hair is techniacally dead tissue but they need a regular supply of protiens and zinc. You cannot get healthy hair just by using some shampoo or hair conditioners. Hair have to be healthy from inside. So here goes the list of top foods required for healthy and shiny hair.

  1. Green Vegetables: Include Green Vegetables in your meal like Broccoli (Gobhi), Spinach (Palak), Fenugreek (Methi) etc.

    2. Salmon: Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acid which helps in drying the scalp. It also contains vitamin B-12 and iron. Vegetarian can be Include 1-2 tablespoons of Flaxseed in your daily diet.

    3. Beans: Beans (Sam Fali) contains protein, which helps in hair growth. They are also rich in iron, biotin and zinc.

    4. Nuts: Nuts like Walnuts (Akhrot), Cashews (Kaju), Almonds (Badam) etc. These nuts contain zinc which helps in hair growth.

    5. Poultry: Poultry products such as Chickens and turkeys contain high protein which makes hair strong.

    6. Eggs: Eggs contains protein, biotin and vitamin B-12 which make hair healthy.

    7. Grains: Whole Grains contains iron, B vitamins and zinc. Include Wheat, Soy Beans and other grains in your meal.

    8. Carrots: Carrots are good source of vitamin A. It helps to make scalp healthy. When sufficient nutrition got the scalp then hair will definite grow.

    9. Low-fat Dairy: Dairy products contain high calcium and protein. Calcium is good for hair growth. Add Yogurt (Dahi) & Cheese (Panneer) etc in your meal.

    10. Amla: Amla is rich in vitamin C. It makes hair healthy and is also good for skin, eyes and stomach.


Ross Taylor said...

Thanks, to share the information about which food takes for healthy hair. Healthy hairs can daily need a regular supply of protiens and zinc. Mostly peoples are using shampoos for healthy hairs. It's not better choice. You can get daily need Green Vegetables, beans, nuts, salmon , eggs, carrots etc. with your foods. I think, its better to shampoo and other hair conditioners. Market Research Reports

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