Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy Healthy Cooking

The holidays shouldn’t be an excuse to pig out. So, in order to remain healthy throughout the year, you need to choose healthier options.
In the holidays of the year, aside from the meaning of the day itself, the food that will be served is mostly awaited. That is why, to keep us all from health problems, the food that we will serve should be nutritious.

It is the right time that we curb away from the usual cooking for the holiday, the usual, include desserts, fatty foods, high cholesterol foods etc. To be able to do that, here are a few things that you can keep in mind.

If you can’t do away with cooking a certain meal for that particular holiday, you may find other healthier ingredients as substitute for the ones that are not so healthy on the original formulation. Use ingredients that are lower in fat and sugar content. For example, you may use yogurt as a replacement for cream. If you need eggs for your recipe, if possible, use purely egg whites instead.

In using oil, the healthier options are vegetable or olive oil. These are the best substitutes to lard or butter. In frying with oil, it may be healthier to avoid frying the food in oil too much.

The way that you will cook the food will also matter. The three most common ways that nutrients can be retained are through boiling, grilling, or steaming food that we cook. Vegetables can be boiled or steamed in order to retain most of their flavor while maintaining their nutritional value as well. So, this will be equal to reducing the times that we will fry foods. Frying will only increase the fat content of the food that you have. If you cannot avoid frying foods, you may substitute the oil that you use with healthier options.

Vegetables are your healthier options. So, as much as possible, include them in every recipe that you have. If you are making soup, you may include large cuts of vegetables. For kids who are not big fans of veggies, you may mince them in smaller pieces so that they will be unnoticeably incorporated in the recipe that you have.

Choose the healthiest vegetables. You have already made an effort to include vegetables in the food that you eat. So, you should make sure that you have healthy ones. Consider the types of nutrients that each vegetable can give. Make it a point to have at least one representative from these vegetables of the important nutrients in the body. This might require a little more work, but it will be worth it.

Avoid pastries as much as possible. If you have not served it, the consumption of that food will not also be increased. So, even though any holiday calls for sweets and desserts, try and stay away from tradition and choose the healthier option.

Do not cook too much. Prepare a recipe enough for only a meal or two. This way you will not tend to eat too much. If you can’t cook healthy, get only small portions of the food. So, your intake of fats as well as sugars will also be reduced.

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